British man spends 36 hours on swing for Guinness World Record

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A British man spent 36 hours rocking back and forth on a swing set to break a Guinness World Record.

Richard Scott, 51, of Kinross, England, started swinging at 6:10 a.m. Saturday at Loch Leven’s Larder cricket pitch and finished Sunday evening.

Scott was allowed a five-minute break for each hour he spent on the swing, and he saved up his breaks to take a 3 a.m. nap.

Scott’s 36-hour swinging marathon broke the record of 34 hours, which was set by Quinn Levy in October 2020.


The Rotary Club of Kinross and District, where Scott is a member, shared video of the record attempt on Facebook.

“It’s been good, the tops of my legs are a wee bit sore but apart from that I’ve been fine. It’s been a good experience,” Scott told The Courier. “It’s been challenging, but it’s been really good. I’m very excited.”

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