Uber reveals most common and most unusual lost and found items

Uber reveals most common and most unusual lost and found items
Uber released its sixth annual “Lost and Found Index,” revealing some of the most common — and most unusual — items left behind in drivers’ vehicles.
The Lost and Found Index, released Friday, revealed the most common items left behind in Uber vehicles during the past year were phones/cameras, wallets, keys, backpacks/purses, headphones/speakers, glasses, clothing, vaping devices, jewelry and IDs.

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Some of the most “unique” items reported lost by passengers included tater tots, a fingernail, “my grandma’s teeth,” 500 grams of caviar, a pizza costume, “a [expletive] painting of a moose,” a Billie Eilish ukulele, an employee of the month plaque, a Bernie Sanders fanny pack, a crochet strawberry, a bucket of slime, a brown tortoise and a “ball gag and stethoscope.”

Uber said more than 40 riders lost their CPAP machines, more than 30 reported lost retainers and five people reported lost dentures.

The “most forgetful” cities on the list were Austin, Texas; Charlotte, N.C.; Houston; Indianapolis; Dallas; Kansas City, Kan.; Atlanta; Tampa, Fla. Columbus, Ohio; and Phoenix.

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