Rare albino giant Galapagos tortoise hatches at Swiss zoo

A Swiss zoo said the hatching of two giant Galapagos tortoise eggs at the facility came with an extra dose of surprise when one of the hatchlings turned out to be the first albino of its species ever observed in captivity.

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The Tropiquarium in Servion said zookeepers were excited about the hatching of the two endangered tortoise eggs and they were surprised to find one of the hatchings is an albino, meaning it has no pigment.


The tortoise’s sibling is black, the same color as its parents, the zoo said.


“This is the first time in the world that an albino Galapagos tortoise has been born and kept in captivity,” the zoo said in the birth announcement. “Albinism is rare in turtles with approximately one case per 100,000 individuals compared to approximately one case per 20,000 individuals in humans.”


The zoo said in a Facebook post that the tortoise’s red eyes and white shell made it “the new Swiss mascot.”

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