Antifa Put in Full Retreat By Bikers, They Try Another City But Soon Hear the Rumble of Motorcycles

Antifa can be regularly relied upon to pick on those who are unable to defend themselves.

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Antifa Put in Full Retreat By Bikers, They Try Another City But Soon Hear the Rumble of Motorcycles

Whether it be elderly citizens, innocent protesters or local business owners, typically, antifa isn’t met with much resistance.


Well, that story changed on Saturday when a group of antifa extremists made a big mistake.


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According to The Post Millenial, members of antifa attempted to shut down Honky Tonk Bar in Salem, Oregon, through the use of a “direct action.”


One member of the antifa crowd was Clifford Eiffler-Rodriguez, a man “previously arrested for allegedly assaulting a female police officer at a violent Salem protest on Aug. 10, 2021, when Antifa gathered to attack participants of a street church protest outside Planned Parenthood,” The Post Millenial reported.


However, the crowd at Honky Tonk was a bit rougher than the pro-life activists one would find in a church congregation.


The bar is known for being frequented by bikers.


When the antifa member’s “direct action” began, many such bikers came out to greet the masked antifa members.



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The Post Millenial’s editor-at-large, Andy Ngo, posted a video of the exchange on his Twitter account.


Unfortunately for the far-left extremists, this exchange may not be the end of their trouble.



Various Oregon-based motorcycle clubs are now teaming up against the group.


“The confrontation appears to have now ignited a feud between Antifa and members of various Oregon motorcycle clubs,” The Post Millenial reported.


Hopefully, these guys will think twice before taking on another biker bar.



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