Judge orders Rudy Giuliani to travel by 'train, bus or Uber' to testify in Georgia election case
Rudy Giuliani, former New York City Mayor and lawyer for former President Donald Trump, was ordered by a Fulton County judge Tuesday to travel to Atlanta next week to provide testimony in Georgia’s 2020 election investigation after Giuliani delayed testifying due to a medical procedure. File pool photo by Chris Kleponis/UPI | License Photo

Aug. 9 (UPI) — A Fulton County judge has ordered Rudy Giuliani, former President Donald Trump‘s personal attorney, to travel to Atlanta next week to deliver in-person testimony about possible criminal interference in Georgia’s 2020 election after Giuliani delayed testimony to recover from a medical procedure.

Judge Robert C.l. McBurney of Fulton County Superior Court extended Giuliani’s testimony one more week on Tuesday, the same day Giuliani was initially scheduled to testify before the 23-person panel, and ordered Giuliani to appear on Aug. 17.

“Mr. Giuliani is not cleared for air travel, A-I-R,” Judge Robert C.I. McBurney of Fulton County Superior Court said. “John Madden drove all over the country in his big bus, from stadium to stadium. So one thing we need to explore is whether Mr. Giuliani could get here without jeopardizing his recovery and his health.”

Giuliani had two coronary heart stents implanted in early July. His attorney, Bill Thomas, challenged the subpoena for him to appear Tuesday saying Giuliani is recovering from a “recent invasive procedure” after a “complex artery diagnosis” and had not yet been cleared for air travel. Thomas suggested that Giuliani testify virtually or wait until he was cleared to fly.

A filing by Giuliani’s legal team said Monday the Fulton County District Attorney’s office turned down offers to allow Giuliani to testify virtually or wait until he was cleared to fly to Atlanta.

“We just want a reasonable accommodation so a 78-year-old who has health conditions can get here, satisfy the directives from a New York court and this court,” Thomas told McBurney.

Last month, New York State Supreme Court Justice Thomas Farber ordered Giuliani to testify about appearances in December 2020 before Georgia’s state Senate where he and lawyer John Eastman blamed Trump’s loss to Democrat Joe Biden on disproven claims of widespread voter fraud.

“Mr. Giuliani is in no way seeking to inappropriately delay or obstruct these proceedings or avoid giving evidence or testimony that is not subject to some claim of privilege in this matter,” Thomas said.

Barring any further directives from Giuliani’s doctor, McBurney considered all transportation options before he ordered Giuliani to appear in person next week.

“On a train, on a bus or Uber, or whatever it would be,” the judge said. “That’s plenty of time to make the trip, a 13-hour drive. New York is not close to Atlanta, but it’s not traveling from Fairbanks.”

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