Aug. 15 (UPI) — Officials with Australia’s Adelaide Zoo said a red panda that escaped from his enclosure was safely captured after two days on the loose.

The zoo said Ravi, a 7-year-old red panda who was born at the zoo, escaped from his enclosure on Friday and eluded capture attempts for two days, until he was located in a fig tree at the nearby Adelaide Botanic Garden.

Zookeepers attempted to lure Ravi out of the tree using food and treats, but ultimately had to shoot the animal with a tranquilizer dart to bring him back down to the ground.

A video of the rescue shows zookeepers using blankets to catch Ravi when he fell from his branch.

The zoo said in a Facebook post that Ravi was examined by a veterinarian and found to be free from injuries.

Officials said Ravi’s enclosure will be examined by zookeepers to determine how he was able to escape.

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