Another set of human remains found in Lake Mead amid drought
Dead fish are seen on cracked earth hundreds of feet from what is now the shoreline at Lake Mead National Recreation Area, where water levels have declined dramatically in Boulder City, Ariz. On Tuesday, officials said another set of remains, marking the fifth set since May, has been discovered in the lake. Photo by Jim Ruymen/UPI | License Photo

Aug. 17 (UPI) — Another set of human remains has been discovered in Lake Mead, officials said, marking the fifth time since May that such a discovery has been made in the lake as it experiences historically low water levels.

The National Park Service said in a statement Tuesday that the human skeletal remains were located in the lake’s Swim Beach area and reported to rangers at about 8 p.m. the night prior.

A perimeter has since been established to recover the remains with help from the dive team for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, it said.

No further information about the remains were made public, but the park service said the investigation into them is ongoing.

The discovery marks the fifth time since May that human remains have been discovered in the lake. It also marks the third set of remains to be found in Swim Beach.

The first set of remains was discovered early May in a barrel in what is believed to be a homicide.

Days later, a second body was discovered by a couple paddleboarding on the lake.

A third set was found in late July followed by a fourth set discovered earlier this month.

The announcement of the discovery of a fifth set of remains came as the Biden administration on Tuesday announced it was cutting water supplies from the Colorado River to six neighboring states, including Arizona and Nevada, in order to protect its long-term sustainability as it has dropped to record levels.

Lake Mead, a manmade reservoir on the Colorado River, has also been a victim of drought cycles over the past two decades that have seen it drop for near full capacity in 2000 to about a quarter full last month, according to NASA.

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