Aug. 23 (UPI) — Animal protection officers in Nevada came to the rescue of a road runner that became entangled in some trash in a bush at the side of a road.

The North Las Vegas Police Department said in a Facebook post that North Las Vegas Animal Protection Services officers responded Monday when a roadrunner was found stuck in a bush near Las Vegas and E. Lake Mead Boulevards.

Police said the roadrunner was entangled in trash that was caught in the bush.

“After all these years of unsuccessful attempts by #WileECoyote, it looks like the #NLVPD Animal Protection Service was able to catch up with the #RoadRunner,” the post said. “We think the road runner was just as surprised as us!”

The bird, which did not appear to be injured, was taken to be examined by a veterinarian before being released back into the wild.

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